About Us

About us

Z-Parket is a Belgian manufacturer of premium quality parquet flooring. Known for its love of nature and for the organic material called ‘wood’. We opened our doors in 2004 and quickly earned a name on the international market, thanks to our superior quality, innovation and creativity.

We love Wood

We fell in love with wood a decade ago. Its colour, the smell, the feel of it  ... in short its naturalness. That’s exactly why we don’t treat our wood with coloured pigment. We treat wood with the greatest care, patience and dedication. That’s how we are sure to protect the wood’s true nature.

Z-Parket floors evolve with time. Exposure to light and the way you look after and use them have a unique impact on the parquet. We like to compare this to the process of bringing a good bottle of wine up to temperature.

Are you looking for a parquet floor that’s ‘alive’? Welcome to Z-Parket.

Customize your feeling

If you prefer a personal approach and a parquet floor that’s made to measure, then you’re at the right address. We make a point of offering you as much variety as possible to ensure you can find the perfect parquet.
We also believe in making the perfect match between you and your floor. You should have that ‘aha’ feeling when you see the parquet for the first time. A stunning, long-lasting floor that fits the rest of your interior perfectly. The wide network of dealers will help you in creating the parquet of your dreams.