Z-Parket turns the maintenance of parquet flooring into a piece of cake

Someone who chooses magnificent flooring, is of course looking to maintain it that way. Parquet flooring however has a reputation of being very high maintenance.
That is why Z-Parket has developed a process that makes the maintaining of wood floors extremely simple. One easy treatment once the floor is in place leads to a situation where the weekly mopping is sufficiant.

Osmo products are easy to use but deliver grand results

Once the Z-Parket floor is in place, a layer of Osmo 3062 or 3032 is applied, giving the floor either a dim or a satin look. After this, simply adding a bottlecap of Osmo Wish-fix to one liter of water and cleaning the floor with a well wrinsed mop suffices. The result being a parquet floor that continuous to look its best. A small layer of Osmo maintenance oil and a repeat treatment with Osmo 3062 of 3032 once every 2 years, keeps the floor looking brandnew.

Does your floor suffer from hard to get spots? Simply apply a little bit of maintenance oil to a piece of cloth and rub the soiled spot. Pretty soon you will see it simply vanishes. Thanks to the Osmo maintenance products, provided by Z-Parket, your floor will not only last a very long time, it will also continue to lift the interior to a higher plain.

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